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 Chevrolet Nova


Who never dreamed of owning that one special car you always wanted?

For us, real Classic Car enthusiasts, this dream became reality 8 years ago when importing a 1970 Chevrolet Nova. The process of getting the car to Belgium however, turned out to be much more difficult than expected.

In the mean-time, after importing many more classic cars, we are proud to call ourselves specialists who know the right way to go!


On top of that, we were also helping people in our direct surrounding with the import of their own dream. The idea to start ‘California Dream’ was born…

The main goal of California Dream is to guide our customers in the search for their own dream car. With our unique ‘on demand’ service, we will take the time to analyze your wishes, in line with the budget you have in mind. In this way we will search for the perfect classic car for you! 


Together with our partners across the U.S., we make sure your car is checked and thoroughly inspected on the spot, prior to the purchase. Afterwards, we take care of shipping, administrational formalities and technical control. The only thing you have to do, is turn the key and enjoy the ride!

Please feel free to reach out to us for any additional information you like!



On demand

 - Your dream, our mission -

Always dreamed of a classic car but you never knew how or where to look for it? With our “on demand” service, we aim at providing you the car that meets all of your wishes and requirements. Let’s quickly take you through the steps :


Step 1: Contact us so we can start discussing what kind of car you are looking for & in which price range. The more information (year, model, color,…) the better!


Step 2: We start to look for a car that matches your criteria and make a list with all the cars we’ve found online & through our contacts. This list will be presented to you and we will discuss the initial upsides & downsides of each car.


Step 3: After you picked your favorites, we start to contact the sellers of these cars for more information about the condition of the car. If you don’t like any car of the list, we start looking again until we find the car of your dreams!


Step 4: If you found the car you like, we will have the car inspected to be sure the car is as good as the seller said. Once everything checks out, we negotiate the price & buy the car for you and arrange the shipping.


Step 5: We export it, ship it, import it & get it through inspection. The only thing you need to do is turn the key and enjoy the ride!

By filling out the contact form and specifying your requirements, your dream car will be closer than ever before!  

Jaguar E-Type


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Chevrolet C20


" Perfect service and even a better aftersales service!"


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