1962 Aston Martin DB4 Series IV

The DB4 marked a significant development for Aston Martin; a sleek, Italian-styled GT with a Tadek Marek-designed engine, the demand was instantaneous. Throughout the five-year production run, modifications to the model resulted in aficionados separating the models into five series.


Offered here is one of the more desirable Series IVs. The Series IV maintained the new Harold Beech-designed rigid steel platform and Touring of Milan Superleggera construction process, with hand-formed aluminium alloy panels wrapped over small-diameter steel tubing. Marking a forward-looking change, the former ‘egg-crate’ grille was replaced by a barred type – setting the scene for the famous grilles of the DB5 and DB6. One of the particular benefits of a later-model DB4 is the much-needed oil cooler, easily spotted by the intake under the front bumper, as the early models tended to overheat quickly.


As with most Series IVs, this car was fitted with the standard Tadek Marek engine and twin SU carburettors; during the restoration the original engine has been upgraded to the more desirable 4.2-litre. During this restoration, which is done by a former employee of Aston Martin Works, it underwent a full restoration of its bodywork. After stripping the vehicle to bare metal, small imperfections in the aluminium body were repaired before a respray in the attractive Aston Martin Racing Green as seen today. New suspension brackets, springs and brakes were fitted to ensure a perfect ride. 


In the last eight years, the car has been driven under 2,000 miles and has been taken out only on the nicest of days. The current owner remarks that the steering yields easily and the gearbox is supple, and overheating has never been a problem. A perfect Aston Martin for the gentleman driver, this DB4 Series IV comes with a full history file complete with original brochures and instruction manuals, and with a full owner's history and correspondance.



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